Imperial English

A Trusted British Brand Pioneering Hybrid Learning – IELTS Prep & Communication courses at 3 levels Approved by a UK Government- Regulated Awarding Body.offered to over 50 colleges in India

Myon Renaissance

Online Digital Library Subscription for K-12. Perfect for in-person, remote, or blended learning environments.

Edutech Services

Collaborative opportunities to promote and sell value-driven and internationally certified programs to learners, ranging from school students, college graduates, corporate employees to anyone who wants to learn something.

Study Work & Migrate Internationally

Actively engaging with renowned Colleges & Universities in US, UK, Canada, Australia

Looking for Better Job Opportunities?

We’re here to help you find work
Our Talent Acquisition team can work together with you, and discuss opportunities with the best companies in the market. There are on-site and remote opportunities that you can choose from. Join our growing network of professionals and sign up today.

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