Bloom iLearning started as an idea to provide teaching and training facilitators with a single and comprehensive Service for creating course content, Promoting effectively to the right audience, managing learners, tracking learner journeys and scaling their reach and their business.

The idea to offer such as a solution, stemmed from the fact that trainers are a busy, hard-working lot that is constantly occupied with providing their learners with new, engaging, and relevant content. In the current times, there is a dire need for their focus on online content and the training itself to stay relevant and avoid becoming extinct.

Bloom iLearning was founded on the philosophy of democratizing e-learning technology with a firm belief that no entrepreneur or educator should give up her/his dreams because of lack of technical and business knowhow and accessibility. Bloom fosters the dream of creating a space for small entrepreneurs to dream big and have the confidence of building and running a successful business.